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Mobile Device Deployment Solutions

Big rollouts are no longer a big headache…
with Mobile Device Deployment Solutions (MDDS)

Need to roll out 1,000 smartphones, preconfigured with custom home screens, an assortment of apps, a custom toolbar, pre-charged battery, collateral, pre-loaded data and licenses, and delivered to each individual user? No sweat.

How about 1,400 Bluetooth mobile data collection devices, pre-paired with smartphones that are pre-loaded with custom software, toolbars, the company phonebook, home screens — and delivered with collateral to each individual user? Not a problem.

Today’s more-powerful mobile devices come with nearly limitless options for software/hardware integration and configuration, and can solve nearly any business challenge.Traditionally, rolling out more than a few units has been next to impossible — or extremely costly and time-consuming.

Now, with True Wireless’ Mobile Device Deployment Solutions, you can take advantage of our 140,000 square foot facility and let us handle the entire lifecycle of a major wireless deployment with ease.


And we do this on a scale that is unmatched in the industry, with economies of scale that will save you money and time. If you can imagine it, we can probably do it. Making possible a more robust, turn-key solution deployment that will move your enterprise ahead faster.

Learn more about True Wireless’ Mobile Device Deployment Solution in our latest case study.
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